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Sifter Machine

1. Sieving Machine

This is a sifter machine used to separate the useful stock from any kind of unwanted impurity and waste. The sifter has a tilted sieve which when operated moves in a to and fro motion using a V-belt, throwing aside the useful product from dust and other unwanted components.The product automatically filters down the sieve and into the tray beneath it. Sieving net is made of stainless steel to avoid any rusting by the moisture of stock. The product is then collected from the outlet. It is used for both sieving and grading.

Technical specifications :-

1. Motor capacity : 1HP (3 phase)

2. Weight : 200 kg approx

3. Size : standard-52″x28″(can be customized as per customer needs)

4. Output : 200kg/hr minimum(may vary depending upon the perforated sheet mesh)

2. Vibro Sifter

Powder items like spices, flour, maida, katha are used. This machine is ideally used for powder separation by using interchangeable S.S Sieve, it works on the principle of vertical vibration. A specially designed vibratory motor is used . All product contact parts are made out of food grade stainless steel. It is very easy to disassemble for cleaning/sterilizing. An outlet is provided on the side of the machine to collect the discharge after sieving is done. Body can be made in MS/SS as per customer needs.

Technical Specifications :-

1. Sieve Dia : 30″/36″

2. Motor Capacity : 0.5/1 HP Vibro Motor

3. Mesh available : 15/20/30/40/60/80/100(net type)

4. Output : 75-300 kg/hr(depends upon the mesh used)

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