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Cutter cum sifter

This machine is used for cutting supari, amla, dates, dalia etc. to uniform size  as per requirement and removes dust and other  unwanted materials simultaneously. It works in two stages. In the first stages it cuts the products. It works  in two stages. In the first stage it cuts the product. It renders a high quality cutting and enhanced output capacity approximately 250-300 kg/hr for 15″ model and 600-700 kg/hr for 30″ model at a maximum wastage of 4 to 5%. 15″ model has 6 blades out of which 4 moves and 2 remain fixed. 30″ model has 12 blades out of which 8 moves and 4 remain fixed. Blades used in the cutter are specially treated and hardened to get proper result during cutting process. In the second stage the sieving is done. The sifter has a tilted sieve which when operated moves in a to and fro motion using a V-belt, throwing aside the useful  product from dust and other unwanted components. The product automatically filters down the sieve and into the tray beneath it. The product is then collected from the outlet.

Technical Specifications

15″ model 30″ model
Motor 5 HP 3 phase 10 HP 3 phase
Size 64″x 42″x 66″ 74″x 50″x 68″
Output 250 – 350 kg/hr 600 – 800 kg/hr
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