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At an industrial scale, efficient mixing machines can be difficult to achieve. To ease this process, we have designed and engineered moving mixers which can be used for mixing one or more dry ingredients with one or more liquid ingredients in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture as discharge from the outlet.

We offer 5 types of mixing machine:

Used for: coating katha on supari,
coating  color on any granule items,
blending tea, seasoning nuts & fryum.

Used for: mixing of spices powder,
mixing perfume to any granule item,
mixing  powder with other ingredients.

Food Processor Machine Manufacturer Noida,India

Used for: coating of silver and
color on to the products.

Used for: adding color to any granule/powder items, mixing of powder items with other ingredients.

Used for: mixing of floor disinfectants,
mixing of perfume, food colors and other liquid items.

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